Project Management Services

Delivering project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls.

Our project management approach reduces risk and helps clients deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner, no matter what stage of the project lifecycle we are appointed in. We put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

Program Planning and Project Management

RACPM’s comprehensive program management services help keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on-time and within budget. We help owners, financial institutions, sureties and others reduce the uncertainty and risk in their capital programs.

Our program managers review every detail of all projects, set-up objectives, plans and priorities, manage and control the process and identify and resolve problems.

Our project managers offer not just market sector expertise, but global experience on high-profile projects. In addition, we offer clients a unique understanding of what can go wrong on a project. We identify potential trouble spots on a project before they can develop into problems and recommend ways to maintain schedule.

Our services in this field include:

  • Assistance with preparation of the master programme
  • Assistance with preparation of monthly and revised programmes
  • Monitoring progress and identifying delays and disruptive events
  • Research of project documentation to identify the actual construction process
  • Advise on methodology for delay recovery and acceleration
  • Advice on assessing the inefficiencies of labour and equipment

Troubled Project Turnaround

While project management is most effective when implemented before construction begins, our PM support can also help clients regain control after problems have caused delays or overruns. To “turnaround” a project, RACPM’s teams design new schedules, create new plans and implement procedures to get the project back on track.

Construction Management

Successful construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. RACPM’s professionals are not only credentialed; they have seasoned, hands-on experience in the construction industry. This experience gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project and recommend ways to improve or maintain schedule.

Project Support

As a client of RACPM, you can be confident in our specialist attention to all legal and contractual details.

Problems during major building projects can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. By providing sound project advice upfront, we help prevent disputes from occurring, avoiding delays and extra expense. If the worst happens, we can often defuse contentious issues without the need for formal proceedings.

We take a hands-on approach for the duration of a project, keeping in close communication with clients and supplying ongoing support. If and when issues arise, we offer commercial, practical advice and troubleshooting options. This helps to ensure that schedules are maintained, and budgets controlled at every stage of the process.

Risk minimisation lies at the heart of our actions. We ensure that documents are prepared, the right people are appointed, financial packages are well structured, and every angle of the deal is commercially robust.

We are also experienced in structuring collaborative contracts to increase efficiency and reduce the prospect of disputes. For public/private finance initiative contracts, which are particularly vulnerable to legal disputes, we define responsibilities clearly and allocate risks for the best outcome for all parties.

PLA Consulting

RACPM helps public and private organizations with complex construction projects save time and money through a type of collective bargaining agreement called a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). PLAs create efficiencies by standardizing project participant contracts. They also help avoid conflict between contractors as well as strike conditions. We work with all parties on the project, including owners, contractors and unions to unify their contractual relationship.