Dispute Resolution Services 

Any dispute, whether conducted as adjudication, arbitration or full litigation, would be in safe hands with our team of proficient construction and engineering lawyers.

Dispute resolution is a costly business with the costs of lawyers and advocates, expert witnesses and tribunal costs. We can explain the procedures and options in simple terms and look at objectives of the avenues and tentative costs involved in dispute resolution.

Our services in dispute resolution include:

  • Selection of internationally acclaimed arbitrators
  • Advising on and analysing the relative merits of dispute resolution whether by mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Assisting with the preparation of documents for submission
  • Assisting with requests for providing further and better particulars
  • Assisting in mediation

In this area we help preparing detailed claim particulars for submission, engineers’ decisions and independent determinations, arbitration support with Selection of internationally acclaimed lawyers and arbitrators and advising on and analysing the relative merits of dispute resolution whether by mediation, arbitration or litigation. We enable expert witness and court testimony by focusing on key issues, clarity of opinions and right assessment and exactly identifying and expressing capabilities delay and quantum assessment. Our dispute resolution services also cover Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution support, Supplemental agreement negotiations, Claim rebuttals and resolution strategies, Commercial Negotiation, Amicable settlement facilitation and mediation assistance.

Disputes are undesirable in any business sector, but even with careful planning they cannot always be avoided. At RACPM, our reputation stems from our innovative approach to avoiding and resolving disputes satisfactorily without the need to begin formal proceedings. We act decisively to achieve the best possible results for our clients whatever the size or nature of the dispute.

If formal action cannot be avoided, the benefits of our experienced, partner-led arbitration and litigation teams will come to the fore.

Arbitration is the simplest policy used to resolve disputes amicably worldwide. Rules Arbitration Consultancy & Projects Management is composed of qualified attorneys whose mission is to deal with arbitration procedures and proceedings inside the U.A.E.

Our team handles many cases at the property, civil, and commercial disputes.

Our goal is to help our clients avoid disputes. But when they do have a conflicting situation, our experts work towards limiting the impact and ensuring a speedy resolution.

Middle Eastern & domestic arbitration

Whether your dispute falls under domestic arbitration rules. Our experience is second to none. We have conducted some of the most detailed and significant claims to be heard in the Technology and Construction Court in recent years. Our knowledge of the court rules and procedures be they pre-action or in the courts of appeal means that you can be confident that we will act decisively to protect your best interests.

Claims Preparation

Claims tend to arise as a result of change and change is endemic in the construction industry as tenders are often awarded before design is complete. Sound and proven contract administration procedures to identify, notify and record events resulting in delay and cost are absolutely essential. Preparation of credible, substantiated and well supported claims will dictate the chances of success and recovery.

We are able to provide, through our highly trained Claims Specialists, the advice, preparation, submission and subsequent negotiation of claims including but not limited to:

  • Extension of time applications
  • Loss and expense applications including loss of overheads and profit, financing charges and disruption costs
  • Acceleration claims
  • Contentious valuation of variation issues and additional items

We are also able to provide:

  • Review of claims and advice as to their enhancement
  • Review of counter claims and advice on implementation for negotiation, concession strategy, and preparation of the defence

Quantity survey and calculation consulting for engineering projects

Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organisations when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes.

Our approach to cost and commercial management is driven by a real commitment to maximising return on investment for our clients.

We provide you with outcome confidence from day one, helping to establish project viability with a clear, robust baseline.

We optimise cost performance at every stage through our proven methodologies, cost models, cost data, and assurance approach, and with our breadth of market intelligence we secure best-buy in the market.

We will own your commercial agenda – driving to achieve cost and value targets every step of the way, and managing threats and changes pro-actively.

Our commercial heritage means we make sure you achieve real value, and with no links to the rest of the supply chain we can provide truly independent advice, delivering the right solutions to protect your interests.